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Thank you for writing. At this time, we have no specific sale or vacancy dates available, other than sometime in late spring or early summer. If we do not receive a desirable offer, the property may become a rental if not leased to sale.

Our Cypress home. Located at 4793 Grace Ave., this 1959 construction has a small yard. A"walk-around" structure, it has no shared walls with neighbors.

The top offer wins access to the property for inspection. In this way, we avoid "looky-loos" and save everyone's time.

If you gain access to this Cypress home by making a top offer, we will discuss matters in greater depth while on the premises. This old house has "issues," which we intend to document before closing.

We intend to increase the price with the addition of labor and expenses.

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Measured property improvements at this writing include the following:

  • Roof: 2 years
  • Floor: New Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)
  • Paint: New
  • Central heat and air conditioning
  • Block Wall Fence
  • Kitchen appliances include refrigerator (about two years), stove (about 2 to 3 years), dryer, wash machine
  • No HOA fees

We recommend that bidders research real estate prices for the Cypress housing market before bidding. Expect prices to vary with time.

Bing and Google searches lead to Zillow, Redfin, and other real estate web sites. A keyword search for Cypress houses, two bedrooms, and so forth will help focus price and bid considerations. Bid once or as many times as desired.

If you have a time frame in mind, please write to and mention your concerns. We will dialogue with serious bidders.

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