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March 14, 2020

Yesterday, I invoked Friday the 13th's bad news vibes while pointing it toward Cypress house sellers. Yep, these days of cronavirus contagion must hurt the Cypress real estate business, as it will the real estate business nationwide.

Note: as of this date we still have no idea how many souls in the USA have the coronavirus because we don't have enough coronavirus tests. The pandemic grows.

March 13, 2020

Of course Friday the 13th remains a spooky date, a date impregnating superstion into the minds of not only Cypress, California residents, but US residents. That's how culture works. Superstition kicks in by capturing the imagination of people, and before long, few people cross the path of a black cat. Most of us have our superstitions, whether we realize it or not.

Anyway, today's a good day to write about the downside of owning Cypress real estate, especially the downside for Cypress home owners trying to sell their Cypress house.

The preamble to the United States Constitution includes "promote the general Welfare" among its other notions, its general outlining of what follows, an "attitude" for the enlightened generators of this critical document. In doing so, it sets a tone for what follows. It also hints back at what the founders had recently experienced, tyranny. The preamble's words do not create a law, as the words that follow provide. Yet, most Americans get the idea, "general welfare" of a nation's population ought to factor into what "American citizen" means, what American citizens ought to expect from their government.

In return, we learn in the ninth grade that our government has duties; we too have responsibilities to our government; in part, these duties include an awareness of our government's handling of the trust we and past generations place in it. For example, by the time Cypress male students graduate and turn 18 years old, they must register for the draft. Our federal government not only demands it but places people. Many scholars argue that public education exists to create a population of critical thinkers—their first duty to one another and future generations, critical thinking. Our Cypress school system, then, exists to produce essential citizens of thinking to protect our liberal democracy from tyranny and other slimy government structures.

A critical thinker asks questions, and from as many perspectives, one may care to conjure up. Beginning with this list of journalist questions, the critically thinking Cypress night graders learn to include the following items in their daily lives:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • How

These terms arise in each Cypress ninth grade class, one semester to the next, and bring focus to the critical thinker, but they begin the Cypress students' civic duties. To protect the liberal democracy we inherited from the founders, they must question the use of or national blood and treasure.

In the context of today's coronavirus, critically thinking Cypress students will question our government's failure to properly prepare for the coronavirus (Trump FINALLY confronted by reporter for firing global health experts in 2018) and others that will inevitably follow. They will know that destroying wild habitat inevitably releases unknown bacteria and viruses into the City of Cypress, including Cypress schools, their Cypress schools.

Now, sadly, in recent weeks, our federal government, not our California Government, failed us. Too many Cypress residents remain unfamiliar, uninformed about the hazard of this new virus in Cypress.

What does it mean? It means, in a nutshell, the real estate prices will plummet. Of course, homeowner hopes otherwise while home buyers hope so. It's a matter of perspective. In the end, both Cypress house buyers and Cypress House sellers will invoke their critical thinking powers; their significant thinking power will reflect their Cypress real estate knowledge, their general education experience, and more.

In any case, at this writing, the Coronavirus glides from one California county to another without our knowledge. We have no way to test for it, although tests for the coronavirus were promised two weeks ago, and could have been in place as offered by the World Health Organization a month ago. So it goes.

Let's take a look at some of the California real estate laws and consider more than these laws as we grow at risk from a failing federal government.

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Cypress Real Estate Prices

Cypress real estate prices ought to logical plunge as a result of the virus.

Federal law prevails over state law
this strictest standard rule prevails, takes precedence
credit-based lending: redlining means to refuse moneylending within a specific area.

Steering means to use demographic groups to suggest, recommend, or otherwise influence individuals to purchase or rent a single-family residential rental dwelling.

Blockbusting means to encourage individuals to sell while using demographic stereotypes.

1 to 4 units belonging to a principal owner-occupied building or buildings remain exempt from federal antidiscrimination laws.

Using a broker to sell one's 1 to 4 units does not invoke protection against antidiscrimination laws.

The race is not a material fact in the state of California, or Cypress, then.

Counterparts to the federal anti-discrimination laws include the following: the unruly Civil Rights Act, the Rumford Act, withholding act.

Rumford act is a California counterpart to the federal antidiscrimination laws with regards to blockbusting.

The Holden act is a California counterpart to the federal antidiscrimination law with regards to redlining.

The Rumford act is the California counterpart to the federal antidiscrimination laws regarding blockbusting.

The health, safety, and welfare of the public invoke the strictest standard rule.

The Unruh Civil Rights Act is a California counterpart to the federal antidiscrimination laws regarding discrimination in commercial and business establishments.

Americans with disabilities act require private entities to establish accessibility when such businesses are accessible to the public – – reasonable accommodations.

A material fact is known as any fact that would influence the decision of a reasonably prudent person.

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Misrepresentation is known as "puffing."

A trust fund is funds held by a real estate broker in trust for their clients and customers.

Commingling means to mingle or mix a client's funds in a broker's personal or general account. It is among the most common real estate broker problems in California.

In Cypress, we know that "blind advertisements" remain anonymous."

The Easton vs. Strassburger case determinate sellers, and their agents, must close all facts that they knew or should have reasonably known.

A transfer disclosure statement form is known and used by sellers and agents to disclose any known defects with a Cyprus property.

RESPA, ac is a consumer protection statute to help eliminate kickbacks and referral fees that unnecessarily increase the cost of certain settlement services. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) is a consumer protection statute that covers loans secured with a mortgage placed on a one-to-four family residential property.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 prohibited discrimination based on race.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination based on race to include color, religion, sex, national origin.

The HUD fair housing equal opportunity poster must be displayed in a place of business relating to housing, and the burden of proof falls upon the accuser.

If the HUD fair housing equal opportunity posters prominently displayed in a place of business relating to housing, the burden of proof rain discriminatory act falls on who? The accuser.

The HUD fair housing equal opportunity poster is not prominently displayed; the burden of proof ready discriminatory acts fall upon the place of business.

All federal fair housing complaints go to HUD.

Using prejudice to instill fear or otherwise motivate individuals in certain areas or neighborhoods to cause them to sell or otherwise dispose of their property is known as blockbusting. So if somebody causes you anxiety when they say that climate deniers will soon move into Cyprus, and you feel an urge to so your Cyprus home, you're a victim of blockbusting. So,. we can see the role of both governments, federal and state in Cypress real estate house selling and buying.

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