Showing a house during the Covid19 Pandemic

Here are some ideas about showing a house for sale during the covid19 pandemic. I found these on a real estate broker's blog, and then made them my own by rewriting as needed here. Of course, I added my twist, like the information on cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. I used these as suggested by a biohazard cleanup company, Biosafe. Looking to the California Association of Realtors, we find information similar to the below advice for viewing houses for sale in Cypress, California.

For "best practices" to view a Cypress house for sale, disinfect lockboxes before entering. Do the same for doorknobs before entering the house and rooms needing doorknob contact, bathrooms, closets, and so forth. Use a hand sanitizer, and do not touch anything in the house.

Note the word "disinfect" above. Here I use the term in the same context as used by the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia. Consider these three words in the context of removing any bacteria or virus:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Sanitizing
  3. Disinfecting


1. Cleaning

Cleaning means to apply the first cleaning agent known to humanity, water. As the first "surfactant," we typically use water first to saturate or moisten "dirt." Dirt meaning unwanted stuff. Once loosened or swept away by the force of water, an object becomes "cleaner" in a typical context. Note, however, the object does not become "sanitized" or "disinfected" as we desire. It does become "cleaner," a relative term.

To sanitize an object, we must first clean it, and we usually do so with the help of hot water and cleaning solutions like water and surfactants. Surfactants include those chemicals that bring a bubbling action to a soiled surface, which water typically washes away. How much our cleaning actions depends on the amount of water used, the amount of surfactant used, and the amount of cleaning work applied.

Think of a washing machine. Some washing machines have a dial set to "sanitize," indicating a turbulent cycle with maximum hot water.

Variables include water temperature, the quantity of water relative to the amount of surfactant and clothing in the mix give us an idea of the desired cleaning outcome.

Of course, whatever object in need of cleaning, you want to ensure a proper rinsing to remove as much soiling matter as possible. That's what water does so effectively.

The above ideas give us a general principle for many types of cleaning, including cleaning for the coronavirus, covid19, in a Cypress house for sale.

So, to sanitize an object means to remove dirt, soiling, from an object, and usually with a significant amount of applied heat. Still, both cleaning and sanitizing do not give us the desired disinfecting, not necessarily an adverse outcome, but not quite as desired when cleaning a Cypress house for sale in need of "disinfecting.

Disinfecting a Cypress house for sale will include a generous application of household bleach. The Center for Disease Control recommends about twenty percent bleach to the water. Also, this "decontaminating" solution creates a robust, toxic environment, and may cause burning to your eyes, nose, throat, and hands. Naturally, you would want to use gloves for cleaning with bleach to disinfect your Cypress House for Sale. Do the same for any Cypress house in need of disinfecting.

Apply this solution to nonporous surfaces throughout your Cypress house for sale. You may wish to include it in your cleaning solution along with surfactants; however, I note, this cleaner prefers using a straight disinfecting solution on the nonporous surface after cleaning. We are, after all, cleaning and disinfecting to remove the coronavirus and other pathogens.


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CAR went on to list what it calls “best practices” for entering a house. They include disinfecting the lockbox and the doorknob each time, wearing gloves before going into a house and throwing them away right afterward, bringing and using hand sanitizer, and not touching anything in the house.

Also from the CAR:

· Only a single agent and no more than two other individuals are to be in a dwelling at the same time during a showing.

· Sellers are to be advised that they should not be present within a dwelling at the same time as other individuals.

· Any persons on the property must agree to adhere strictly to the social distancing guidelines at all times by remaining at least six feet apart.

· Any person entering a property shall provide by declaration that to the best of their knowledge, they are not currently ill.

· All persons visiting a property will agree to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer prior to entry, and to wear disposable rubber gloves and a protective face mask, if one is made available.

· If anyone who enters the property is later diagnosed with COVID-19, the person who is diagnosed must immediately inform the listing agent, who will then make the best efforts to inform everyone who entered the property after the person diagnosed.

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